Some beautiful Pink Grass flowers on the way (Baijnath, Himachal)

Pink, Grass flower, flower, Himachal,
Some beautiful Pink Grass flowers on the way 

Sometimes, we come across many beautiful things on the way. I took this picture when I was traveling through a narrow village way near Baijnath, Himachal Pradesh. These pink grass flowers were once very common around my village; however, with the increase in human population, the numbers of these wild plants have decreased drastically. I love to capture the pictures of these flowers so that they always remain alive through these pictures and tell the next generation that they have once existed. 

A Beautiful Young Red Rose Flower

Beautiful, Young, Red, Rose, Flower
A Beautiful Young Red Rose Flower 

Roses are most beautiful flowers present in our world and we can commonly found them around us. Yesterday, I captured the picture of a young red rose who just started a journey to become a full flower. I love to capture all the phases of rose life because they all are very attractive. 

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Indian Palm Squirrel in a relaxed mood

Indian Squirrel, relaxed, mood,
Indian Palm Squirrel in a relaxed mood 
Sometimes, we get a chance to take pictures of the animals in their relaxing state. Here is a picture of an Indian squirrel rubbing its body to feel relaxed. Such pictures are unplanned pictures which you get by a chance. Indian Palm squirrels are very common in India and we can find many of them around us. 

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Beautiful inner world of a flower

Beautiful, inner, world, flower,

Through this picture, I have tried to highlight the inner beauty of the flower. Every flower presents a unique beauty in front of us. The inner part of the flower is in yellow color while the rest of flower is in red-orange flower. 

Beautiful Bouquet of Marigold Yellow flowers

Beautiful, Bouquet, Marigold, Flowers,

Marigold flowers are one of the best and beautiful creations of nature. We can find marigold flowers around the world. Here is a picture of a bunch of marigold yellow flower with red baselines. Together, they are looking even prettier and I have given this picture name "Bouquet of Marigold flowers". This variety of Marigold flower is specific to hilly region and I took this picture at Baijnath (Himachal Pradesh). 

Beautiful white Garden Flower's center view

Beautiful, White, Garden, Flower,

The world of flowers is very fascinating and beautiful. Here is a picture of the center of a white garden flower which presents a perfect example of beauty. I love to take close up pictures of the flowers because by doing so we come to see many unique things about them. 

Flowers or Leaves (Bougainvillea Leaves like Flowers)

Flowers, Leaves, Bougainvillea, Flowers,

I like very much Bougainvillea tree because this tree turns completely red because of its flowers and makes the surrounding look very attractive. Due to this reason, many people plant these trees in their garden. The unique thing about these flowers is their shape like the leaves which gives the confusion that leaves have turned red. When a Bougainvillea plant blooms then it gives a spectacular look.

Water Birds at the Nangal Dam Lake

Water Birds, Nangal, Dam, Lake,

Whenever we visit a water body like a lake or big reservoir, the first thing we encounter is the large numbers of water birds like various ducks and other migratory birds. I took this picture at the Nangal lake created by Nangal Dam. It is one of the main attractions of this lake and every year many migratory birds visit this lake. Year around, we can find many other water birds at this lake. It is a great place for all birds lovers to spend some quality time.

Two wet Red Roses (Amazing Beauty)

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Two wet Red Roses (Amazing Beauty) 

Flowers are the most beautiful creations of the God and among flowers, rose hold a top position because of its uniqueness and versatility. I always liked roses; however, after I started taking their pictures, I fell in love with them. Here is the picture of two red roses grown together on the same branch like they are made for each other. The rain drops on these roses are further enhancing their beauty. To Check the Rose Birthday Card made with this image Click Here

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Local Goddess at Mandi international Shivratri Festival

Local Goddess, Mandi, international, Shivratri, Festival,
Local Goddess at Mandi international Shivratri Festival 

If anyone wants to see the Gods and Goddess in real then he can visit the Mandi International Shivratri Festival because during this festival all local Gods and Goddess (Deities) of the surrounding reach here to celebrate this festival. This fair is held every year for seven days starting from the Shivratri. More than 200 hundred local deities visit this place and millions of people gather to take their blessings. To know more about this festival and see more pictures Click Here

A seating Chair Hidden in the Trees (Perfect Seating Arrangement)

Chair, Seating, Trees, Nangal, Punjab,
A seating Chair Hidden in the Tree
On my visit to Satluj Park, Nangal; I came across this seating chair well hidden in the trees. I liked this seating arrangement because of its perfect location because there was always shade at this place and you were not clearly visible to others. To spend some peaceful time or for a romantic meeting, this chair can be rated as the best seating arrangement.

Chir Pine Tree standing at the edge of a Hill

Pine, Chir Pine, Tree, Edge, Hill,
Chir Pine Tree standing at the edge of a Hill 
I found this Chir Pine Tree situated alone at the edge of a small hill and in the background you can see a much bigger hill. This tree was cut from all sides except the top so giving a unique shape. I took this picture near Sansal (Baijnath, Himachal Pradesh). Here it is common to find forests of Chir Pine Trees. Many people cut the lower branches of these tree for the wood fire because a majority population is still dependent on the wood fire for cooking food. Earlier, also I took some unique picture of Chir Pine Tree e.g. Chir Pine Tree Pic 1 and Chir Pine Tree Pic 2

Toy Train of Alphabets (Child Imagination)

Toy Train, Alphabets, Child Imagination,

Education toys are very useful for the kids when they are growing. Today, we can find many useful block based toys which educate children while allows them to use their imaginary skills. Here is a picture of a toy train created by my 4-year-old son. He likes trains so much; therefore, he breaks and makes their blocks many times to give them different shapes.

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