A Beautiful Squirrel in Morning Sunlight Eating Roti

Here is a picture of a beautiful Squirrel wet in morning sunlight, eating Roti (bread). I love these small animals because looks to be very lovely and innocent. Here in Punjab, we can easily find Indian Squirrels around. They can be anywhere inside the electricity meter box, holes in walls or abandoned places. When we put bread or Roti to birds, then few squirrels do enjoy this easy meal. Sometimes, these squirrels give very nice poses as we see in this picture. Squirrels are very good using their front feet as hands and they eat like humans. Check more pics of Indian Palm Squirrels at Squirrel Pic 1, Squirrel Pic 2, Squirrel Pic 3
Beautiful Squirrel, Morning Sunlight,
A Beautiful Squirrel in Morning Sunlight