Tears of the Hippopotamus (A Sad picture of a hippopotamus weeping at the Chattbir Zoo)

Here is a sad picture showing a hippopotamus weeping in his cage at chattbir zoo. Zoos may provide a great option to see the animals; however, by putting them in cages we steal all freedoms from them. We talk too much about the human freedom but we don't care for freedom of animals and their happiness. Like this hippopotamus, there may be many animals crying across the world for their freedom and a better life, but sadly there is no one who can see their tears and provide them justice. If human greed is not stopped; then soon, it will destroy all animals from this present and then we will not have anyone except humans on this Planet. We should return all healthy animals to their natural habitat so that they can enjoy a good life. It is sad that we humans are one of the main reasons of these tears of hippopotamus.
Tears, Hippopotamus, Zoo, Chattbir
Tears of the Hippopotamus 

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