Tindan Wala Khoo (Persian Wheel Well) or Rehet still working (Punjab)

Here is a picture of Tindan Wala Khoo (Persian Wheel well) in working condition. Before the advent of electricity and diesel water pumps, it was common to see these wells across Punjab and in other parts of India. Today, it is very difficult to find a Tindan Wala Well in working condition. In Hindi, Tindan Wala Khoo is called Rehet. I saw such well before too, but that one was not in working condition. Rehets were mostly operated by animals; though, the Rahet which you see in the picture is made to be run by hands. I took this picture near Ropar Town of Punjab.
Tindan Wala Khoo, Persian Wheel, Well, Rehet,
Tindan Wala Khoo (Persian Wheel Well) or Rehet 

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