A Closeup Picture of Ripened Bael Fruits

Closeup, Picture, Ripened, Bael, Fruits,
A Closeup Picture of Ripened Bael Fruits 

Here is a close up picture of ripened Bael Fruits. The scientific name of this fruit is Aegle Marmelos and other local names of this fruit are bhel and bili. Once the ball was commonly available in many parts of India; however, slowly its availability is decreasing due to cutting of Bael Trees. Beal is a highly nutritious fruit and it is believed beneficial for sugar patients. After a good struggle, I got chance to see these fruits and capture their pictures. In many small towns in India, we can see people selling bael juice. Today, people are suffering major nutritional problems because they are moving away from bael like fruits which were very common and freely available earlier.

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