Picture of Beautiful Wet Pink Rose Bud

Here is a picture of a beautiful and wet pink rose bud. Rose is a beautiful flower and during rain, its beauty increases many times.
Picture, Beautiful, Wet, Pink Rose, Bud,
Picture of Beautiful Wet Pink Rose Bud

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  1. Mesmerising beauty of flower caught perfectly!

  2. I have a request to make, "Can I use your photographs for my poetry? Will mention that these photographs belong to you and also link your blog to the photographs, if you allow .
    Also, we have a platform where we have many prompts, can I suggest your photographs as a prompt, the poets will acknowledge your photographs and blog link.

    Do let me know.

    1. Yes, You can and Others can use these pics as long as they don't misuse them commercially or anyway. It will be nice if you can link back and mention my name. Thanks


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