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A Beautiful Young Red Rose Flower

Beautiful, Young, Red, Rose, Flower
A Beautiful Young Red Rose Flower 

Roses are most beautiful flowers present in our world and we can commonly found them around us. Yesterday, I captured the picture of a young red rose who just started a journey to become a full flower. I love to capture all the phases of rose life because they all are very attractive. 

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Two wet Red Roses (Amazing Beauty)

wet roses, roses, rose, beautiful,
Two wet Red Roses (Amazing Beauty) 

Flowers are the most beautiful creations of the God and among flowers, rose hold a top position because of its uniqueness and versatility. I always liked roses; however, after I started taking their pictures, I fell in love with them. Here is the picture of two red roses grown together on the same branch like they are made for each other. The rain drops on these roses are further enhancing their beauty. To Check the Rose Birthday Card made with this image Click Here

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Tiny Dew Drops on Dark Pink Rose Flower

Dew Drops, Pink Rose, Rose, Flower
Tiny Dew Drops on Dark Pink Rose Flower

Rose flowers are the best display of beauty and due to this reason many people like them. I am also a fan of rose flowers and their beauty. I try to cover rose flowers in the different shades so that I can see all the angles of their beauty. You can notice the tiny dew drops on a dark pink rose flower which are increasing its beauty many times.

A Beautiful Red Rose Bud

Red Rose, Rose, Bud

The other name of beauty is Rose, which is one of the most beautiful flowers available in the world. Here is picture of a beautiful Red Rose Bud which also highlights the same.

Beautiful Red Rose with Rain Drops vertical view

Beautiful, Red Rose, Rain Drops, flower,
Beautiful Red Rose with Rain Drops 

Here is a vertical view of a red rose with rain drops. It is always a fun to capture the pictures of flowers after the rain because wet flowers/roses look more beautiful.

Picture of Beautiful Wet Pink Rose Bud

Here is a picture of a beautiful and wet pink rose bud. Rose is a beautiful flower and during rain, its beauty increases many times.
Picture, Beautiful, Wet, Pink Rose, Bud,
Picture of Beautiful Wet Pink Rose Bud

Beautiful White Rose HD Picture

Here is a beautiful White Rose picture. We can find many rose varieties with different colors. We can find many shades in White Roses.
Beautiful, White, Rose, White Rose
Beautiful White Rose

Beautiful Rose Buds (Multicolored)

Here is a picture beautiful mutlicolored Light red, yellow and red rose buds. During this season, we can find a blossom of most of Rose plants and it looks very beautiful to see so many roses and rosebuds.
Rose, Buds,
Beautiful Rose Buds (Multicolored)

A Red Rose enjoys Rain Drops

Here is a picture of a red rose, in which we can see it enjoying rain drops.
Red Rose, Rain drops, Rose,
A Red Rose enjoys Rain Drops

Journey from Pink Rose Bud to Pink Rose Flower

Here is a picture describing the journey of Pink rose bud to become Pink Rose Flower.
Pink, Rose, Bud, Flower, Journey
Journey from Pink Rose Bud to Pink Rose Flower

The Eye of a Rain Drop

Here is a picture for you titled "The Eye of Rain Drop". In this picture, you can see the clear reflection of the surrounding green leaves in a rain drop. I took this picture yesterday after the rain at my village in Himachal Pradesh. These rain drops were lying on a pink rose bud.
Rain Drop, Eye, Reflection, Rose,
The Eye of a Rain Drop

Beautiful Pic of a Coccinellidae (LadyBird Beetles) sitting on a closed Rose Bud

Here is a picture of a ladybird beetle sitting on a closed Rose bud. It is a very common insect and as a children, I used to use this insect for making predictions.

Ladybird beetle, insect, rose, coccinelliae,
LadyBird Beetles

Beautiful Back view of Wet Red Roses (Wet in Rain)

Here is a picture showing showing a beautiful back view of Wet two Red Roses. This picture is also part of rain photography. This second picture shows that sometimes, we can take beautiful pictures from backside too.
Red Roses, Wet Roses, Backside, Picture
Beautiful Backside View of Red Roses

Beautiful inner (center) Part of Pink Rose

Here is picture of beautiful inner (center) part of a Pink Rose. With this Pic, you can observe inner and hidden beauty present inside rose which is not clearly visible to naked eyes.

Rose center, Pink Rose, inner part
Beautiful inner part of Rose 

Beauty of a Dead Rose (Extremely Beautful Remaining centeral Part of Rose)

Here is a pic of last remaining part of a rose which has lost all of its petals. Despite this damage, the center of remaining rose is looking very beautiful and I have given it a name "Beauty of a Dead Rose".
Dead Rose, Rose center,
Beauty of a Dead Rose 

Beautiful, Naked and Complex center of a Deep Red Rose

Life is very complex and we can find its complexity in every living form of nature. Here is a picture of the center of a deep red colored rose. This beauty is very naked and leaves us free to imagine. 

center of rose, Red rose, naked rose,
Beautiful, Naked center of Red Rose

A Light Orange Rose Shying to Open Up (Middle form of Bud and Full Rose)

Here is a light orange rose shying to open up to become a rose. In this picture, we can see a middle stage of rose flower when rose bud starts opening up.

Rose, Bud, Orange Rose, Rose Opening
A Light Orange Rose Shying to Open Up

Fully opened Beautiful Orange Rose Flower like a Flame of Fire

Here is a picture of a fully open beautiful orange colored rose flower and it looks like a flame of fire.
Flame of Fire, Orange Rose, Rose,
Rose like a Flame of Fire

Pearls effect due to Rain drops on Beautiful Pink Rose

This is new picture for in rain drop series. In this picture, you can see a beautiful pink rose wet with rain drops. These drops are looking like peals.

Pink, Rose, Pearl, Rain drops,

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