HD Picture of 13th Century Old Parashar Rishi Temple at Prashar Lake (Mandi)

Here is picture of ancient and sacred temple of Prashar Rishi situated adjacent to Parashar Lake in Mandi district. This temple is built in 13th century and is a pagoda-like temple. As per legend, this temple was constructed by six month old baby from a single Tree. Parashar Rishi mediated at place and Prashar Lake is believed to came in to existence through his meditation. Parashar Rishi is first saint to explain how planet acts as per Karma and he is founder of Indian astrology (as mentioned in Temples of Clouds documentry). To Lear more about Prashar lake Click Here
Prashar Lake, Prashar Rishi, Temple, Mandi
Prashar Rishi Temple at Prashar Lake (Mandi)

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