HD Pic of Mysterious Floating Island (Background Prashar Rishi Temple) at Parashar Lake (2730 metre) Mandi (HP)

Here enjoy Close up picture of Mysteriously floating island present in Parashar Lake (situated at a height of 2730 m or 8560 feet). This floating island keeps on changing its position through-out the year. In background, you can watch ancient Parashar Rishi and Temple complex. At this place, you get a heavenly experience which is difficult to put in words. To reach this Lake, you are first required to climb 60-150 feet and then descend same height. The road to reach Parashar Lake is in slightly bad condition and you can encounter snow on road except for few summer months; therefore, much of care must be taken to reach this place. However, the experience you get after reaching this place is extremely wonderful. To Lear more about Prashar lake Click Here

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Mysteriously Floating Island of Prashar lake

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