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Beautiful Picture of White Pear (fruit) Flowers

Here is collection of beautiful white Pear (fruit) flowers. These flowers grow in the month of March.

White Pear Flowers, Pear, Flower,
White Pear Flowers

Extremly Beautiful Tiny White Pink Flowers with Great Art of Nature

Here is picture of extremely Beautiful Tiny white and pink flowers. In these flowers, we can see the great art of nature.
White, Pink, Flowers, Tiny Flowers, Nature art
Beautiful Tiny White Pink Flowers

Not commonly seen Beautiful Flowers of Pathar Chat Plant

Last year, I shared with you a picture of Pathar chat plant titled A Picture of Pathar Chat Plant Leaves in "Leaves Effect". Here is another picture of the Pathar Chat plant. In this picture, you can see beautiful pictures of not commonly seen Patharchat flowers.

pathar chat, flowers
Beautiful Flowers of Pathar Chat Plant

Beautiful Pic of a Coccinellidae (LadyBird Beetles) sitting on a closed Rose Bud

Here is a picture of a ladybird beetle sitting on a closed Rose bud. It is a very common insect and as a children, I used to use this insect for making predictions.

Ladybird beetle, insect, rose, coccinelliae,
LadyBird Beetles

Beautiful Pic of Snow in and around Solang Valley (Nala)

Here is a beautiful picture of heavy snow in and around Solang Valley situated 14 Km away from the famous Tourist place of Himachal Mandi. This is the best place in Manali to see lots of snow and enjoy adventure sports.

Soland Valley, soland nala, Manali, Himachal Pradesh, Snow, hills
Beautiful Pic of Snow in and and Solang Valley

One Growing and One Fully Grown Yellow Himalayan Marigold Flowers

Here is picture of two marigold yellow red flowers of Himalayan region. One flower is growing and one is fully grown.
Yellow Flower, Marigold, Himalayan Marigold,
Two Yellow Himalayan Marigold Flowers 

Beauty of a Dead Rose (Extremely Beautful Remaining centeral Part of Rose)

Here is a pic of last remaining part of a rose which has lost all of its petals. Despite this damage, the center of remaining rose is looking very beautiful and I have given it a name "Beauty of a Dead Rose".
Dead Rose, Rose center,
Beauty of a Dead Rose 

Backside Beauty of a Light Pink Flower with Beautiful centers (Pic Taken from Reverse)

Mostly, we believe that things look beautiful from the front only. But, here is an example of a pic of a flower taken from the backside. I found this light pink flower a good click from the backside.

Backside Beauty, Light Pink, Flower, Center,
Backside Beauty of a Light Pink Flower

Beautiful HD Pic of Effect of Dew Drops and Morning's First Sunlight on Pink Rose

Here is beautiful HD pic showing dew drops and first sunlight touching a fully grown Pink Rose. In the morning, we can notice many such interactions of native nature. This picture is taken near Baijnath Himachal Pradesh

Pink Rose, Dew Drops, First Sunlight, HD Pic, Rose, Pink
Effect of Dew Drops and Morning's First Sunlight on Pink Rose 

Beautiful White Flower with Blend of Red colour and Yellow Center Like Fire (HD Pic)

Here is HD pic of a beautiful white flower with a great blend of red color in it like a burning fire. The center of this flower is yellow. In this flower, we can see great mixing of natural colors of nature in the form of this flower.

White, Flower, Red Lines, Fire, beautiful, HD, yellow center
Beautiful White Flower with Blend of Red colour

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Extremely Beautiful HD Pic of Deep Red Flower with Shadow Effect

Here is the extremely beautiful HD pic of deep red flower. In this picture, you can see two shades of red color due to sunlight at different angles.

Red Flower, Sun light, Shadow effect, deep red
Deep Red Flower with Shadow Effect 

Extremely Beautiful Picture of a Pink Rose Plant wet in Rain (Rain Drops Effect 2)

We all know this fact a rose looks beautiful, now what about the beauty of a complete Rose plant. A further effect of rain and rain drops add additional beauty to this picture. In this picture, a pink rose pant and a pink rose in the background completely wet in rain with rain drops spread across the plant. Anyone who loves photography must try to use rain drops effect to increase the beauty of a picture where ever he gets a chance.

Rose Plant, Wet Plant, Rain Drops, Drops Effect, Pink Rose, Pink Rose Plant
Beauty of Pink Rose Plant wet in Rain

HD Pic of Mysterious Floating Island (Background Prashar Rishi Temple) at Parashar Lake (2730 metre) Mandi (HP)

Here enjoy Close up picture of Mysteriously floating island present in Parashar Lake (situated at a height of 2730 m or 8560 feet). This floating island keeps on changing its position through-out the year. In background, you can watch ancient Parashar Rishi and Temple complex. At this place, you get a heavenly experience which is difficult to put in words. To reach this Lake, you are first required to climb 60-150 feet and then descend same height. The road to reach Parashar Lake is in slightly bad condition and you can encounter snow on road except for few summer months; therefore, much of care must be taken to reach this place. However, the experience you get after reaching this place is extremely wonderful. To Lear more about Prashar lake Click Here

Floating Island, Mysterious, Prashar Lake, Prashar Rishi Temple, Lake, Mandi, Himachal
Mysteriously Floating Island of Prashar lake

From a Small Bud to Flower (Story of Flowers)

This picture represents story of a flower world. How a small bud starts its journey to become a complete flower.

Flowers, story, Small buds, bud, orange flower
Story of Flowers

HD Picture and Wallpaper of Cute and Smart Baby in Himachali Cap

Here is HD pic and wallpaper (poster) of a cute baby in traditional Himachali Cap. Pic is taken with Nikon D 5100.
baby, cap, Himachali, cute, wallpaper, poster
HD Pic of Cute Baby in Himachali Cap

HD Pic of Historical Shiv Temple at Baijnath With Background View of Snow Filled Dhauladhar Hill

Here is HD pic of world famous and historical Shiv Temple situated at Baijnath (Himachal Pradesh). In this pic, you can see snow filled Dhauladhar Hills in background. This pic is taken with iphone 4s. 

HD Picture of Beautiful Red Flower (Hibiscus) Spreading its Beauty

Find extremely beautiful picture of a red flower ready to spread its beauty to world. This flower is called Hibiscus in English, Gurhal गुढ़ल in Hindi, Juba kusum in Manipuri and jaasud in Gujarati. These flowers have great medicinal properties as they contain high amount of Vitamin C. Tea made of Hibiscus flowers is known to lower High Blood Pressure. Therefore, these flowers are not only beautiful but they have many good properties too. This picture is taken with Nikon D 5100.

Red Flower, Beauty, Spreading, Beautiful, HD, Hibiscus
Beauty Red Flower (Hibiscus) Spreading Its Beauty (HD)

HD Picture of Chail Palace Hotel, Shimla

This picture of Chail Palace hotel, Shimla. This Hotel is Run by Himachal Tourism and it is very popular among Tourists.

Chail Palace, Shimla, Hotel

View of Beautiful Punjab Mustard fields through Natural Flowers

HD, Pic, Mustard Field, Flowers, Natural, Photography
HD Pic Beautiful Punjab Mustard Fields 
This is view of Beautiful Punjab Mustard Fields through Natural Red Flowers. This picture highlights beauty of Punjab Fields. Picture is taken near Ropar (Punjab) and it is taken with Nikon D 5100. 

HD Picture of Beautiful Himachal Village in Dhauladhar Hills near Baijnath

It is Picture of Small Village Himachali Village situated in Dhauladhar Hills. This Picture is Taken near Village Sansal, Baijnath (Kangra District). This picture is taken Nikon D5100.

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