HD Picture of Alone Tree in Green Fields Near Ropar (Punjab) Beauty of Punjab

Watch HD Picture of Beautiful Alone Tree in Green Fields. This picture is captured near Ropar (Punjab). This Picture Highlights beauty of Punjab Fields. This Picture is Taken with Nikon D5100. 

HD Picture of Grass Roof Hut in Fields near Ropar (Punjab)

Watch HD picture of field hut made of grass roof near Ropar (Punjab). This hut is used during crop season.This Picture is Taken with Nikon D5100. 

Picture Of Alone Home in Fields from Palampur Valley (Himachal, India)

This picture is taken near Palampur (Himachal Pradesh, India). The main unique point of this picture is alone house in fields with dark clouds over brown harvest.  This Picture is Taken with Nikon D5100

Alone Home, Fields, Palampur, Himachal

Beautiful Of Yellow Orange Flowers in Palampur Valley

This is picture of set of Yellow and Orange Flowers grown in Palampur Valley. This Picture is Taken with Nikon D5100

Beautiful, Yellow, Flowers, Palampur, Valley
Picture Yellow Flowers (Palampur)

Picture Babaji Village Home Baijnath

Babaji, Village, Home, Baba Balak, Nath
HD Picture Babaji Village Home (Baba Balak Nathji)
This is Picture of Babaji guarding our Village Home. It is custom to take his blessings before leaving Home. He saves our home from all his ill effects. This Picture is Taken with Nikon D5100

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