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Beautiful Seasonal Orange Flowers with Yellow Center (Garden Flowers)

Here is picture of seasonal Orange flowers with Yellow center. These flowers are commonly grown in home gardens. This pic is taken in Hoshiarpur.
Yellow, Orange, flower, Garden flowers
Beautiful Orange Yellow Garden Flowers 

Fully opened Beautiful Orange Rose Flower like a Flame of Fire

Here is a picture of a fully open beautiful orange colored rose flower and it looks like a flame of fire.
Flame of Fire, Orange Rose, Rose,
Rose like a Flame of Fire

From a Small Bud to Flower (Story of Flowers)

This picture represents story of a flower world. How a small bud starts its journey to become a complete flower.

Flowers, story, Small buds, bud, orange flower
Story of Flowers

Close Up pic of Red/Orange Rose Bud (Opening Up)

Here is close picture of Red/Orange rose Bud which has started opening up.

Close up, Rose, Bud, Opening bud, Red Rose
Close Up Rose Bud Opening Up

Extremely Beautiful inside World of an Afternoon Red/Orange Flower

Here is chance to see and enjoy extremely beautiful inside world of an afternoon red/orange flower. Mostly, we fail see such beauty because of inability of our eyes to see so small.

flower, afternoon flower, inside part, beautiful
Inside part of a Afternoon Flower

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