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Water Birds at the Nangal Dam Lake

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Whenever we visit a water body like a lake or big reservoir, the first thing we encounter is the large numbers of water birds like various ducks and other migratory birds. I took this picture at the Nangal lake created by Nangal Dam. It is one of the main attractions of this lake and every year many migratory birds visit this lake. Year around, we can find many other water birds at this lake. It is a great place for all birds lovers to spend some quality time.

A seating Chair Hidden in the Trees (Perfect Seating Arrangement)

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A seating Chair Hidden in the Tree
On my visit to Satluj Park, Nangal; I came across this seating chair well hidden in the trees. I liked this seating arrangement because of its perfect location because there was always shade at this place and you were not clearly visible to others. To spend some peaceful time or for a romantic meeting, this chair can be rated as the best seating arrangement.

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