HD Picture of Alone Sparrow on a Tree Without Leaves under Moon

This is picture is a sparrow sitting on a tree without leaves under the moon. This picture is taken at Hoshiarpur. This picture is taken with Nikon D5100

Picture of Gobind Sagar Lake Near Androli Village of Una District

This Gobind Sagar Lake picture is taken near Androli Village in Una District. Near this location, a famous Shiv Temple is situated which partially submerged in Lake water during rainy season. This picture is taken with Nokia X6

Picture of Clouds in Hills at Chail (Shimla, Himachal)

This Picture is taken at Chail Palace, Shimla. In this picture, you can watch clouds floating over Hills. This Picture is taken with Samsung PL55

Hills, Chail, Shimla, Himachal, Clouds

HD Picture of Taj Mahal (Agra, India) From First Entry Gate

This is picture of first view of Taj Mahal from first entry Gate. From Here we start seeing Taj Mahal. It is truly a great experience to watch Taj Mahal for first Time. This Picture is Taken with Samsung PL55

Taj Mahal, First View, Agra, India

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