Local Musicians Playing Traditional Himachali Musical Instrument Karnal at Shivratri Festival Mandi (HP)

Here is a picture of Local musicians playing traditional Himachali Musical Instrument Karnal during International Shivratri Festival at Mandi (HP). Use of Karnal Musical instrument is very common during the procession of deities in Himachal Pradesh. Pic taken with Nikon D 5100.

Karnal, Festival, Mandi, Shivratri, Himachal, Traditional, Himachali,
Use of Karnals During Mandi Shivratri Festival

Picture of Local Deities Taking Part in End Parade (Jaleb) at Mandi Shivratri International Festival

Here is HD Picture of three local deities taking part in Mandi Shivratri International Festival End Parade (locally called Jareb). This parade crosses through all major parts of Mandi city and mark end of Mandi Shivratri Festival. To Know more about Mandi International Shivratri Festival Click Here. Pic was taken with Nikon D 5100
Mandi, Shivratri, International, Festival, Jaleb, Local, Deities
Local Deities in Jalab (Parade) at Mandi International Shivratri Festival

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