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HD Pic of Beautiful Chail Palace Garden (Shimla HP)

This is beautiful picture of beautiful garden of Chail Palace. People can take a refreshing walk on this Garden. This Garden is surrounded by beautiful and green trees.

Garden, Chail Palace, Shimla, Himachal, India

HD Picture of Chail Palace Hotel, Shimla

This picture of Chail Palace hotel, Shimla. This Hotel is Run by Himachal Tourism and it is very popular among Tourists.

Chail Palace, Shimla, Hotel

Picture of Clouds in Hills at Chail (Shimla, Himachal)

This Picture is taken at Chail Palace, Shimla. In this picture, you can watch clouds floating over Hills. This Picture is taken with Samsung PL55

Hills, Chail, Shimla, Himachal, Clouds

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