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Beautiful Bouquet of Marigold Yellow flowers

Beautiful, Bouquet, Marigold, Flowers,

Marigold flowers are one of the best and beautiful creations of nature. We can find marigold flowers around the world. Here is a picture of a bunch of marigold yellow flower with red baselines. Together, they are looking even prettier and I have given this picture name "Bouquet of Marigold flowers". This variety of Marigold flower is specific to hilly region and I took this picture at Baijnath (Himachal Pradesh). 

Dew Drops on Yellow Mustard Flowers and Buds

Here is a picture of yellow mustard flowers and buds with dew drops on them. During the month of Feburary, we can find many fields covered by yellow mustard flowers and they look very beautiful.
Dew Drops, Yellow, Mustard Flowers, Buds, flower,
Dew Drops on Yellow Mustard Flowers and Buds 

Yellow Closed Pumpkin Flower in Evening Sunlight

Here is a picture of a yellow closed Pumpkin flower in Evening Sunlight.
Pumpkin, Flower, Yellow,
Yellow Closed Pumpkin Flower

Fully grown Yellow Mustard Flowers in a Field

Here is picture of fully grown yellow mustard flowers in a field.
Mustard, Mustard Flowers, Yellow Flowers
Fully grown Yellow Mustard Flowers in a Field

It is Complete Yellow (A Forest Flower of Yellow Color)

Here is a picture of a Himalayan Forest flower. The unique point of this flower is the presence of Yellow color on complete flower.
Yellow, Flower, Forest, Himachal
It is Complete Yellow 

Fully Grown Yellow Mustard Flowers in a Himachali Village and Background View of Dhauladhar hills

Here is picture of fully grown beautiful yellow Mustard flowers in a Himachali village with background view of Dhauladhar hills. In the month of March, we can see many such fields occupied by yellow mustard flowers in the higher reaches of Himachal Pradesh.

Mustard flowers, Yellow Mustard flower, Himachali village, Dhauladhar hills
Fully Grown Yellow Mustard Flowers

Beautiful Yellow Flowers (Tiny Flowers) Coming out of Thick Green Leaves

Here is a picture of beautiful yellow flowers coming out of thick green leaves. The size of these flowers is very small and it is difficult to appreciate their beauty with naked eyes. These plants grow in wetlands.

Yellow Flowers, Wet Land, Green Leaves
Beautiful yellow flowers and Green Leaves 

One Growing and One Fully Grown Yellow Himalayan Marigold Flowers

Here is picture of two marigold yellow red flowers of Himalayan region. One flower is growing and one is fully grown.
Yellow Flower, Marigold, Himalayan Marigold,
Two Yellow Himalayan Marigold Flowers 

Find Different Shades of Yellow in this Beautiful Flower

In the picture, you can find different shades of yellow color from dark yellow to light yellow.

Yellow, yellow shades, Flower
Different Shades of Yellow

Distorted Beauty or an unique Beauty of a Dark Yellow Marigold Flower (Rain Drops)

Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. This picture is a clear example of this fact. This marigold flower has not grown fully; however, still we can find unique beauty in this pic. Beauty of flower is further enhanced by rain drops.
Beauty, distorted, beauty, marigold, yellow flower
Distorted Beauty or an unique Beauty

Beautiful Seasonal Orange Flowers with Yellow Center (Garden Flowers)

Here is picture of seasonal Orange flowers with Yellow center. These flowers are commonly grown in home gardens. This pic is taken in Hoshiarpur.
Yellow, Orange, flower, Garden flowers
Beautiful Orange Yellow Garden Flowers 

Picture of Beautiful Golden Yellow Flowers of Cassia fistula (the golden shower tree)

Here is picture of beautiful Golden Yellow flowers of Cassia fistula Tree which is also known as the golden shower tree. During the flowering season, people can see whole of the tree covered with yellow flowers. This tree is found in Southeast Asia. Cassia fistula is the national tree of Thailand and this flower is the state flower of Kerala.

Golden, Yellow Flowers, Cassia Fistula, The Golden Shower Tree,
Beautiful Golden Yellow Flowers of the Golden Shower Tree

Beautiful Yellow Tiny Flowers (Afternoon Flower)

Here is beautiful picture of Yellow tiny flower which blossom at afternoon only.

tiny, flower, yellow, afternoon flower,
Tiny Yellow Flower

Beautiful World of Yellow Flowers (Some Grown Some Ready to Grow)

Here is picture of Yellow flowers grown in forest. In this picture, you can watch whole world of Yellow flowers with some yellow flowers fully grown and some are still buds.

Yellow flower, yellow, flower, Flower world, yellow flower buds,
Yellow Flower World 

HD Picture of Wild Yellow Mustard Flowers

Here is Picture of beautiful Yellow Mustard Flowers grown in wild. I took this picture near my village situated in Baijnath District of Himachal.

Yellow, Mustard Flower, Wild Flower,

Watch Insect Flower unique Relation in this Picture

Here is picture beautifully showing strong relationship between a insect and flower.This is a Ridge Gourd Yellow flower and insect has come to drink its sugar rich nectar. This is regular story of a flower's and insect's life. Pic taken with Nikon D 5100.

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