Side view of the Ancient stone Panchvaktra Temple Mandi (H.P.)

Beautiful Wooden Temple of Pandoi Devtaji, Pandoa (Shimla)

Beautiful unpaved road covered with chir pine dry leaves

Traditional Farming method Himachal Pradesh (Getting seeds from crop)

Mighty Kangra Fort front View

The close-up picture of the floating island in Prashar lake

Local Goddess at Mandi international Shivratri Festival

Chir Pine Tree standing at the edge of a Hill

Beautiful Snow Covered Dhauladhar Hills and Green Forest near Baijnath (Himachal Pradesh)

Tibetan Dragon Art at Bhattu Monastery (Baijnath, Himachal Pradesh)

A Beautiful Road to a Himachal Village in Hills covered with Clouds

Beautiful picture of Small Hilly River flowing near Baijnath (Himachal Pradesh)

A Piece of Tibetan Art at Bhattu Monestery Baijnath (Himachal Pradesh)

A Gaddi Groom in Traditional Wedding Dress (Kad)

A Shehnai Musician (An Old Dying Himachali Tradition)

Extremely Beautiful Pink flowers of Paja Tree (Himachal Pradesh) Tree Flower

A Beautiful Crimson Sunbird (Aethopyga siparaja) from Himachal Pradesh (Tiny Bird)

Beautiful Pair of Himalayan Bulbul (White-cheeked Bulbul)

Pair of Jungle Mushrooms (Poisonous Ones)

Mysterious Floating Island and Prashar Rishi Temple (Mandi, Himachal Pradesh)