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A Beautiful Blue Throated Barbet

Here is a picture of a beautiful Blue throated Barbet. So far, I have seen three species of Barbet and I have found all of them very beautiful. The main unique point of these birds is the loud sound created by them. In general, Barbets are very shy birds and they hardly come into the open. In this, Blue-throated Barbet, you can see the beautiful colors on its body like someone painted it. I took this picture in Himachal Pradesh. To check more pics or to know more about it Click Here
Blue-throated Barbet, Barbet,
Blue-throated Barbet

Green Bird with Brown Head (Brown-headed Barbet)

Sometimes, you get a chance to capture pictures of birds about whom you have no idea earlier. Brown-headed Barbet is also one of them. Below, you can watch its picture which I took suddenly when it appeared in few seconds. To learn more about Brown-headed Barbet and Check more pics Click Here
Green Bird, Bird, Plump, Brown-Headed Barbet,
Brown Headed Barbet

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