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Two Beautiful Oriental White Eye Birds

Here is a picture of Two Beautiful Oriental White Eye birds. These birds are very small in size and mostly, we don't notice them. These are common garden birds; though, it is not easy to see them because of their small size. The size of Oriental White Eye adult bird is around 7-8 cm. To Check more pictures of Oriental White Eye and to learn more about it Click Here
Oriental White-eye
Oriental White-eye birds

A Small Tiny Gray Bird from Punjab (Blyth's reed warbler)

Here is a picture of a small tiny gray bird taken in Hoshiarpur Punjab. I found this bird similar to Blyth's reed warbler so I have classified it in this category. We can find huge variety of tiny (warbler) bird in the grass lands and semi forest areas of Punjab.
Tiny Bird, Gray Bird, Blyth's reed warbler.
A Small Tiny Gray Bird from Punjab

A Beautiful Tiny Bird (Oriental white-eye) I never thought they do exist

I never thought earlier such tiny birds do exist in our world. Oriental white-eye (Zosterops palpebrosus) birds are less than half of the size of a common house sparrow. Many people never notice such small and tiny birds throughout their life because of shy nature of these birds and busy life of people. Thanks to photography, I come to witness so many amazing things of nature. Oriental White Eyer is one such bird, it took me 10 days to get a perfect picture of it because they don't sit at a single for long. Today, I got my reward in the form of this picture in which bird is just watching me while I takes his picture. I request everyone to love nature and love birds. When we cut trees, we also kill many such innocent living beings with it. This picture is taken in Semi Forest area near Hoshiarpur city of Punjab. This bird is native of Japan Island; though, they were introduced to other parts of the world also for insect control and as pets. To check more pics of Oriental White-eye and to learn more Click Here
Japanese White Eye, Tiny Bird, Beautiful, small bird
A Beautiful Tiny Bird (Yellow Throated Warbler)

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