A Pied Myna Close up

Close up picture of a Beautiful Hoopoe Bird

A picture of a Bird or a long Tail (Yellow-billed magpie)

Beautiful HD picture of Jungle Babbler Bird

Close of the Cattle Egret Bird (Sitting on the Top of the Tree)

Water Birds at the Nangal Dam Lake

Face to Face with Indian Spotted Eagle

A Barn Swallow Bird feeding Juvenile

A Pair of Plum-headed Parakeet (Parrots) from Himachal Pradesh

A Beautiful Blue Throated Barbet

A Beautiful Red-wattled Lapwing

A Flight of Peacock (Rare Picture) Punjab (India)

Beautiful Common Moorhens in a Water Reservoir

Picture of Hoopoe Bird (A Beautiful Bird with Crown)

A Yellow (Gold)-billed Blue Magpie with Wild Fruit in his Beak

Beautiful Himalayan Parrot (Slaty-headed parakeet)

Purple Sunbird Male (A Tiny Beautiful Purple Bird)

A Beautiful White Throated Kingfisher

Two Beautiful Oriental White Eye Birds

Tiny Green Bee Eater Bird