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Fishermen in fishing boat at Sunset at the Ropar (Rupnagar) wetland (Lake)

Here is a picture of fishermen fishing at sunset at Rupnagar wetland Lake. In this picture, you can see two fishermen on a small boat catching fishes in Ropar Lake. Rupnagar (Ropar) is one of the recognized wetland in Punjab, though, Punjab Government doesn't look much interested in its promotion and increasing facilities at this place.
Ropar Wetland, Rupnagar, Wetland, Ropar Lake, Lake, Fishermen, fishing boat,
Fisherman fishing boat at Sunset at the Ropar (Rupnagar) wetland (Lake) 

Beautiful Pic of Sunset and Beas River Taken Near Ropar, Punjab

Here is a beautiful pic of a sunset and Beas river flowing near Ropar, Punjab. The Beas river is life line of Punjab because many fields in Punjab gets water from this river and dams built on it produce abundance of electricity. This picture is taken with Iphone 4s and New Software ios 7.3.
Ropar, Beas, Sunset, Reflection,
Sunset Over Beas River near Ropar

Sun Going Down Nirmal Kuttiya, Hoshiarpur (Beautiful Sunset Pic)

This is pic of beautiful sunset. In this pic, you can watch sun going down Nirmal Kuttiya at Hoshpiarpur Punjab.

HD Picture of Sunset View of Colorful Sky Hosiharpur

Here is colorful view of Sunset at Hoshiarpur. This pic tells story of Modern life surrounded by mobile towers.

Picture of Beautiful Village Sunset Ropar Punjab

This is a picture of Beautiful Sunset near a Ropar Village in Punjab. Such lights emerge during sunset when Sunset Light Passing through Scattered clouds. This Picture is Taken with Nikon D 5100.

HD Picture of Beautiful Sunset Picture From my Village

Picture of Beautiful Sunset Over Baijnath-Palampur Valley in Kangra District Himachal Pradesh. I took this picture from the starting point of my Village Kanarag. This picture is taken with Nikon D5100

HD Picture Of Sunset Over my House in Hoshiarpur

This is HD picture sunset over my Home in Hoshiarpur.  This Picture is Taken with Nikon D5100. 

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