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A Gaddi Groom in Traditional Wedding Dress (Kad)

Here is a picture of a Gaddi Groom in traditional wedding dress of Gaddi (Pahari) community. This long dress is called Kad. I got a chance to take this picture during a Gaddi marriage attending me recently. Despite being from Himachal Pradesh, this was a new experience for me and I saw many traditions. This picture clearly represents the rich culture of Himchal Pradesh.
Kad, Groom, Taditional Wedding Dress, Gaddi, Himachali Culture,
A Gaddi Groom in Traditional Wedding Dress (Kad

A Shehnai Musician (An Old Dying Himachali Tradition)

Today, I this Shehnai musician who used to come to our home to collect food or money from many past years. He came at your home and then plays the Shehnai Music to attract your attention. I go away after his performance by taking whatever you give him. When I talked to him then he told me that now days no one likes his Shehnai playing much. It looks that this Tradition will die with him as younger generation don't want to continue it. In the modern world, we are slowly moving away from older traditions and some of them are becoming extinct with time.
A Shehnai Musician (An Old Dying Himachali Tradition) 

An Old Window (Old Himachali Style)

Not only as we grow old, everything in this world gets old. Here is picture of an old window (70-80 years old).
Old Window, Himachali Style, Window
An Old Window (Old Himachali Style) 

Traditional (Local) Kullu (Himachal Pradesh) Musical Band and Local Dance Nati Dance

Here is picture of Traditional (Local) Kullu musical band and a person dancing local dance (Kullu Nati) on it.  In this picture, we can see use of traditional musical instruments like Karnal, local Dhol etc.
Karnal, Kullu, Musical Instrument, Local Music Band, Himachali Tradition,
Traditional (Local) Kullu (Himachal Pradesh) Musical Band and Local Dance Nati Dance 

Traditional Himachali Rangoli Art (Handmade colorful designs on the floor)

Here is one example of Traditional Himachali Rangoli Art which is a handmade colorful design on the floor by women. In Himachali Rangoli, we don't see the use of multi-colors like used in Southern India. In this Rangoli art, you can see red base and white design made on it. Generally, rice powder is used as white color. This picture is taken near Baijnath
Himachali, Rangoli, Art
Traditional Himachali Rangoli

Beautiful and Historical Kullu Style Wooden and Metallic work on Ceiling of JAGATIPATT TEMPLE at Naggar Castle

Here is HD picture highlighting beautiful and historical art work in Kullu style on the ceiling of JAGATIPATT TEMPLE situated at Naggar Castle. In this picture, you can see beautiful decoration with the use metal and wood. JAGATIPATT TEMPLE is also known as temple of Gods because Local Kullu deities assemble here to get more powers. Picture taken with Nikon D5100

Beautiful, Ceiling, Art, work, Metal, wood, Naggar, Castle, JAGATIPATT TEMPLE
Beautiful Ceiling JAGATIPATT TEMPLE 

HD Picture and Wallpaper of Cute and Smart Baby in Himachali Cap

Here is HD pic and wallpaper (poster) of a cute baby in traditional Himachali Cap. Pic is taken with Nikon D 5100.
baby, cap, Himachali, cute, wallpaper, poster
HD Pic of Cute Baby in Himachali Cap

HD Pic of Markanda (Markandeya) Puja on Birthday (Kangra, Himachali Tradition)

Below is HD Pic of Markanda (Markandeya) Puja on Birthday as per the Old Himachali Tradition of Kangra District. This Markanda is made from rice flour and his eyes are made of black gram. In the Kangra belt of Himachal Pradesh is very common to see Markanda Puja on birthday. Markandeya is god of death; therefore, it is custom to pray to him for the long life of a person whom birthday is celebrated. In rural Hiamchal, many old religious rituals and customs still survive and Markanda (Markandeya) Puja is one of them. This ritual is basically done for the long life of a person.

Markanda, Markandeya, Puja, Birthday, Himachal Pradesh,
Markanda (Markandeya) Puja on Birthday

Inside View of a Himachali Traditional Water Flour Mill

Inside picture of Traditional Himachali Water Flour Mill. Once such water mills were only source for getting wheat. However, now people have shift to electric powered flour mills and they are slowly neglecting this ancient wisdom and tradition.  Even science has proved that flour from water flour mill is much healthier than electric flour mills.

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