A Gaddi Groom in Traditional Wedding Dress (Kad)

A Shehnai Musician (An Old Dying Himachali Tradition)

An Old Window (Old Himachali Style)

Close up of Nandi statue made of Brass metal at Chaurasi Temple Bharmour (Chamba)

Traditional (Local) Kullu (Himachal Pradesh) Musical Band and Local Dance Nati Dance

Traditional Himachali Rangoli Art (Handmade colorful designs on the floor)

Beautiful and Historical Kullu Style Wooden and Metallic work on Ceiling of JAGATIPATT TEMPLE at Naggar Castle

HD Picture and Wallpaper of Cute and Smart Baby in Himachali Cap

HD Pic of Markanda (Markandeya) Puja on Birthday (Kangra, Himachali Tradition)

Inside View of a Himachali Traditional Water Flour Mill