Beautiful unpaved road covered with chir pine dry leaves

Hanging Pumpkins (Hanging Food)

A seating Chair Hidden in the Trees (Perfect Seating Arrangement)

Chir Pine Tree standing at the edge of a Hill

Beautiful Tree Art created by Nature because of the Fall (Magic of Fall)

(Love Squirrels) Two Indian Palm Squirrels Showing Love to Each Other

An Art of Nature (Small Fruits Grown on a Tree)

A Small Bird on the Tree

Pippal (Ficus religiosa or sacred fig) Leaf Art (Hole of Time)

Chir Pine Tree grown together (Like Talking to Each Other)

Sometimes being Different is a Bless (A Chir Pine Tree in a unique Shape)

British Era Home in the Middle of Kalatop Forest Dalhousie

Beautiful View of Green Ground and Tall Deodar Trees at Khajjiar (Chamba)

Beautiful View of Chaurasi Temple Complex Bharmour (Chamaba)

Beautiful Pic of Snow in and around Solang Valley (Nala)

Beautiful Hill Village Situated on the top of Hill (Village Brahani, Baijnath, Himachal Pradesh)

Life Sustaining on Life (Beautiful Shape Taken by Fungus Growth on a Tree)