A Picture of Pathar Chat Plant Leaves in "Leaves Effect"

Close Picture of Local Deity Gadhpat Shri Brahmdev Tungasi from Tungasi Gadh (Himachal Pradesh)

Beautiful and Scenic View of Rewalsar Lake (Mandi)

Beautiful Yellow Tiny Flowers (Afternoon Flower)

Close Up pic of Red/Orange Rose Bud (Opening Up)

Beautiful World of Yellow Flowers (Some Grown Some Ready to Grow)

Extremely Beautiful inside World of an Afternoon Red/Orange Flower

HD Pic Blue Eyed White Flowers

Beautiful and Historical Kullu Style Wooden and Metallic work on Ceiling of JAGATIPATT TEMPLE at Naggar Castle

HD Pic of Beautiful Pink Rose

HD Pic of Beautiful White Grass Flower

Set (Bouquet) of Naturally Grown Beautiful White Flowers with Pink Shade

Beautiful Picture of Aloe Vera Flower