Traditional (Local) Kullu (Himachal Pradesh) Musical Band and Local Dance Nati Dance

HD Pic of Forest Black Mushroom which appears for few minutes only

Beautiful White Tea Plant Flowers with Yellow center

Beauty of Unwanted Red Yellow Lantana Flowers

Beauty of a Dead Rose (Extremely Beautful Remaining centeral Part of Rose)

Distorted Beauty or an unique Beauty of a Dark Yellow Marigold Flower (Rain Drops)

Beautiful, Naked and Complex center of a Deep Red Rose

Traditional Himachali Rangoli Art (Handmade colorful designs on the floor)

A Light Orange Rose Shying to Open Up (Middle form of Bud and Full Rose)

Beautiful Seasonal Orange Flowers with Yellow Center (Garden Flowers)

Picture of Beautiful Golden Yellow Flowers of Cassia fistula (the golden shower tree)

Beautiful Hill Village Situated on the top of Hill (Village Brahani, Baijnath, Himachal Pradesh)

Beautiful Pic of Sunset and Beas River Taken Near Ropar, Punjab