A Jungle Babbler (Seven Brothers) Sitting on a Branch of Guava Tree

Beautiful Tiny White Flowers with Yellow center (Himalayan Wild flowers)

Close up of Top Part of Maize Plant

Monsoon Rain Drops coming down from a Shed Near Baijnath

Beautiful White Flowers with Yellow Center of Dalhousie

Close up of Nandi statue made of Brass metal at Chaurasi Temple Bharmour (Chamba)

Extremely Beautiful Wild and Micro Flowers in White and Yellow Colour (Himalayan Flowers)

British Era Home in the Middle of Kalatop Forest Dalhousie

Journey from Pink Rose Bud to Pink Rose Flower

Beauty of Rain Drops scattered on the Arun Plant leaf

Hill Covered with Fog (ascending Clouds) near Baijnath (Himachal Pradesh)

Garden of Naturally Grown Beautiful Himalayan Grass Flowers

Little Wild Cat (My New Friend)