A bird with very Sweet Voice of Punjab (Rufous Treepie)

Tiny Pure White Jungle Flowers (Small Beauty)

A Dove watching you silently through the leaves of the Guava Tree (Eyes of Dove)

Fully grown Yellow Mustard Flowers in a Field

Beautiful very tiny white flowers (Not clearly visible to naked eye)

Yellow Lady Finger Flower wet in Rain

Stone Statues put one after another in Masroor Rock Cut Temple (Kangra, Himachal Pradesh)

Manimahesh Temple at Chaurasi Temple Complex Bharmour (Chamba)

A Bee absorbing nectar from a Garden Flower

Beautiful Wings of Himalayan Parrot (Ready to Jump Down)

Black Butterfly with White Dots absorbing nectar from Blue Wild Flowers

Chir Pine Tree grown together (Like Talking to Each Other)

Picture of Indian Laughing Buddha at Masoor Rock Cut Temples