Close up of A Jungle Babbler (Seven Brothers) (Common Bird of Punjab)

Pippal (Ficus religiosa or sacred fig) Leaf Art (Hole of Time)

Snow at the Top of a Hill

Made for Each other (Two Plumeria White flowers with Yellow center)

View of White Lime Flower from Top

A Small Multicolored Bird with Sweet Voice (Morning Catch) (Common TailorBird)

Front View 680 AD Historical Shakti Devi Temple

To the Top of Dainkund highest Peak in Dalhousie

An Old Window (Old Himachali Style)

Beautiful Fully Grown Red Hibiscus Flower

When Hills meets the Plains (Picture Taken at Naina Devi)

Green Insect sitting on a wet Marigold Flower

A bird with very Sweet Voice of Punjab (Rufous Treepie)