Extremely Beautiful Pink flowers of Paja Tree (Himachal Pradesh) Tree Flower

Black Redstart (Phoenicurus ochruros rufiventris)- A Flycatcher Small Bird from Punjab (India)

An Art of Nature (Small Fruits Grown on a Tree)

A Small Bird on the Tree

Cattle Egret birds following a Tractor in a Field near Ropar (Punjab)

White Flowers Perfectly mingled in Each Other

A small Brown Headed Bird with Navy Blue Chest and Throat from Punjab (Indian Robin Male)

Rush of Devotees at World Famous Golden Temple (Amritsar)

A Gray Squirrel with cream colored lines taking Sun Bath (Native Indian Squirrel from Punjab)

Beautiful Light Pink Flowers of Paja Tree (An Autumn-flowering Wild Cherry)

BSF Personnel at famous Wagah Border Ceremony or the Beating retreat ceremony

Respected Indian Cow (Face Expression)

Beautiful Flower in Morning Sunlight showing the effects of Red, Green and Orange Color