HD Picture of 13th Century Old Parashar Rishi Temple at Prashar Lake (Mandi)

HD Picture of Historical and Sacred Parashar Lake situated in Mandi District of Himachal Pradesh

Local Musicians Playing Traditional Himachali Musical Instrument Karnal at Shivratri Festival Mandi (HP)

Picture of Local Deities Taking Part in End Parade (Jaleb) at Mandi Shivratri International Festival

HD Pic of Beautiful and Historical Naggar Castle Front View (Himachal Tourism Heritage Hotel)

HD Pic of Historical Shiv Temple Boothnath at Mandi (Himachal Pradesh)

HD Picture and Wallpaper of Cute and Smart Baby in Himachali Cap

HD Picture of Flowers of Love (Extremely Beautiful White Flowers with Light Pink and Purple centres)

HD Picture of an Extremely Beautiful Pink Rose Bud

HD Picture of Three Beautiful Pink Flowers (like a Bouquet)

HD Pic of Markanda (Markandeya) Puja on Birthday (Kangra, Himachali Tradition)

Watch HD Cute Baby Boy Poster

HD Pic of Historical Shiv Temple at Baijnath With Background View of Snow Filled Dhauladhar Hill