Bee Absorbing Nectar from a Beautiful Flower

A Yellow (Gold)-billed Blue Magpie with Wild Fruit in his Beak

A Curious Cat Looking Back (Brown White Cat)

Beautiful White Flower in the Kandi Forest of Punjab

Tears of the Hippopotamus (A Sad picture of a hippopotamus weeping at the Chattbir Zoo)

Beautiful Himalayan Parrot (Slaty-headed parakeet)

Picture of Man's Face appeared on a Rock due to Decay

Beautiful and wild White-Purple Flowers in Forest of Punjab

Indian Buffalo silent and still looking at me and my Camera

Purple Sunbird Male (A Tiny Beautiful Purple Bird)

A Beautiful Squirrel in Morning Sunlight Eating Roti

A Beautiful White Throated Kingfisher

The Beating Retreat Ceremony Wagah Border (Shouting BSF Jawans)