Beautiful Common Moorhens in a Water Reservoir

Tindan Wala Khoo (Persian Wheel Well) or Rehet still working (Punjab)

Samber (Female) Deer Picture from Kandi Forest (Punjab)

Light Purple Garden flowers with White center

Picture of Hoopoe Bird (A Beautiful Bird with Crown)

Beautiful Rose Buds (Multicolored)

Statue of Eagle and Horse at the Top of a Punjab Home in Evening Sun light

Indian Palm Squirrel holding Roti in Hands

Bee Absorbing Nectar from a Beautiful Flower

A Yellow (Gold)-billed Blue Magpie with Wild Fruit in his Beak

A Curious Cat Looking Back (Brown White Cat)

Beautiful White Flower in the Kandi Forest of Punjab

Tears of the Hippopotamus (A Sad picture of a hippopotamus weeping at the Chattbir Zoo)